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Bit game circle
Bit game circle

The world of gaming is an insane fixture in society, with over one-third of the world's population actively participating in diverse gaming activities through different mediums. Until now gaming is been considered a fun only activity, millions of addicted gamers around the world are considered to be wasting off precious moments of their lives addictively participating in MMOG's (Massively Multiplayer Online Games) and other forms of Gaming. Gamers receives no tangible rewards for their gaming efforts except for virtual coins which has little to no real life value.
Unfair advantage
Unfair Advantages
the current dilapidated gaming industry only fosters a one sided stream of income which is only beneficial to game developers, advertisers and gaming content creators, meanwhile the players are meant to spend more of their hard earned money and time on virtual coins with no real life value.
Un-Incentivized passion
Un-Incentivized passion
Study shows 7 out of 10 gamers develop passion for challenging games and feel strongly obligated to overcome the set challenge in other to reach the next level and as such similar to "Work" which is rewarded with a pay or wage, but wouldn't it be more interesting if gamers receive tangible reward for their gaming efforts?
Unsustainable ecosystem
Centralized unsustainable ecosystem
The antiquated gaming industry is highly centralized, dominated only by big brands and reflects no collaborative mediums for open-source gaming development thereby deterring insanely unique game ideas by the masses from being brought to actualization.
The Solution to This?
Now that anyone with a smartphone and a commute could be considered a gamer, it’s harder than ever to separate the casual players from the die-hard loyalists. Core gamers are really the lifeblood of the industry, spending tremendous amounts of time on their hobby of choice. Imagine a Decentralized Gaming Ecosystem which enables gamers all around the world monetize and incentivize their passion for gaming. BitPlay is creating one of the first ever decentralized gaming ecosystem, Imagine a World where work is the equivalent of Play.
Normal Gaming System
Bit game circle
Bitplay Gaming Ecosystem
Bit game circle
Decentralized benefit for all.
Game developers, gamers, gaming fans, streamers, crypto enthusiasts and just anyone in any part of the world are now movers and benefactors of a decentralized gaming revolution, the world is about to experience a tectonic shift in gaming.
Truly transparent reward for passion.
BitPlay's decentralized gaming ecosystem fosters a transparent but tangible reward for passion harnessing the power of the Blockchain, which means gaming would be a fun and lucrative activity going forward.
An open world of Play.
BitPlay is more than just a blockchain startup, it’s a self sustained project of the people by the people, ones driven by ambitions, passion and the urge to make a difference in our time utilising the power of Play. BitPlay ensues to foster a community driven open gaming ecosystem which encourages collaborative efforts within all segments of the community


Use of funds
Bit game circle
Token Distribution
Bit game circle


It's all about a new dawn and era for gamers all around the world. Read our WhitePaper to know more.
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Q2, 2017
The BitPlay team which comprises of professionals and experts from all walks of life assembles to create and build on the BitPlay ecosystem.
Q3, 2017
The BitPlay Blockchain team commences iteration, development and scaling of the ICO website and the BitSports platform, ensuring a fully optimum system.
Q4, 2017
Preparations for token sale begins. Huge development activities triggered. Architecture laid and set to go. Just visit https://coincierge.de/bitcoin-prime/, which is an auto trading bot that allows you to buy and sell crypto safely and securely.
Q1, 2018
Massive marketing and promotions commences at the First quater of 2018. Signature campaing with bounties gets initiated amoung crypto influencers.
Q2, 2018
First phase of token sales begins early April 2018. BitPlay launches its betting of gaming platforms to the public - BitSport.
Q3, 2018
Continued product development. Second phase of token sales begins third quater of 2018.
Q4, 2018
The best in class PlayChain deployment.
Q1, 2019
The BitPlay’s most anticipated platform Gamefluk™ launches at the first quater of 2019
The Team

The Team

Charles Adenuoye's Image
Charles Adenuoye
Chief Executive Officer
Ashwini Shankar's Image
Ashwini Shankar
Chief Technology Officer
Oleg Oleshchuk's Image
Oleg Oleshchuk
Director of Technology
Oleg Oleshchuk's Image
Victor Ogunshina
Chief Operating Officer
Thomas Saar's Image
Thomas Saar
Senior Marketing Manager
Khalil Oueslati's Image
Khalil Oueslati
Senior Software Developer
Adeel Shafique's Image
Adeel Shafique
Senior Creative Designer


Gaming is taking on a whole new precept with the advent of BitPlay, gamer's all around the world are now able to monetize and incentivize their passion and skills in a decentralized fashion.
Welcome to the future where Work is the equivallent of Play, this means non-gamers and just anyone would be able to benefit from the BitPlay gaming ecosystem through various mediums and just by possesing the BTP token which it's value is being driven by the massively vibrant ecosystem.
All countries can participate in the token sale, although certain jurisdiction such as the United states and China are subjected to KYC and AML procedures.
Bounty payouts will be paid to the participants within one week after the ICO.
We plan to list BitPlay token on several major exchanges within one month after the ICO.
At the current stage, we use the Ethereum blockchain. BitPlay would run on it's own custom Blockchain "PlayChain®" (A blockchain designed for speed & flexibility in handling and scaling core gaming applications and transaction) which is undergoing development and aims to launch early 2019.
BitPlay is about a great decentralized gaming community building great products; say Gaming, real-time wagering, skill based gambling, decentralized staking and evolving. BitPlay would roll out it's first products immediately after its ICO. BitSports - A fully blockchain based eSports betting platform would rollout and follow suit with Gamefluk - A realtime blockchain enabled skill wagering platform.
Blockchain in Gaming is a flawlessly perfect combination which transparently solves a lot of issue and it's just a revolutionary time for gaming.
Our Partners

Our Partners